Choosing Mosaic Materials for a Project

October 11, 2017

Choosing Mosaic Materials for a Project

Choosing mosaic materials for a project is an interesting and challenging aspect of any project. The varying combinations of design, colour, texture, and light determines the look of a finished mosaic piece. Here a a few helpful guidelines.

  • View mosaic materials in lighting conditions similar to those where the finished project will be displayed. Most materials should be chosen for reflective quality of the top surface. For translucent glass mosaics, sheet of art glass are selected based on the ability to transmit light and colour.
  • Choose opaque materials that will obscure the adhesives and cements used to glue the tesserae to the base and/ or support structure of the mosaic. When making translucent mosaics, select cements, adhesives, or grouts that will not affect the colour of the glass pieces and are the least visible. Consider using art glass with a textured and/ or iridescent finish to camouflage the adhesive beneath it.
  • Vibrant and colourful materials make a mosaic piece come alive. The larger the dimensions of a project, the greater the number of colour variations, textures, and materials that can be introduced. Focus on 2 or 3 selections for small projects. If a wider range is desired, try varying shades of textures of dominant tesserae. View the materials side by side to see how the colours and textures affect each other. Take into consideration the colour of the grout or cement used for the project.
  • For garden stone projects, it is recommended that at least one side of the mosaic material surface be as smooth and flat as possible. Heavily textured tesserae may not stick as readily to the adhesive-backed vinyl and may become partially or completely engulfed in the cement.

We hope that this few guidelines have helped you in choosing the type of material you would like for you mosaic. We look forward to seeing the work you are doing. Contact us for any further questions!


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