About Us

“My passion is in creating the most exquisite pieces of art that my clients are proud to display in their homes or place of work”

George W. Shannon.

Creating stunning pieces of glass art for clients since 1992, George W. Shannon has carved a place in the hearts of many of his customers.

A leader in the glass art industry, George has published six how-to books on glass crafting, which were picked up by publisher Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. of New York.

Committed to nurturing the growth and expression of his clients creativity along with the promotion and of the glass art industry, George runs a series of glass art workshops/classes aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced glass artists.

“At George W. Shannon Design, we strive to create designs that reflect and represent our clients creativity. In creating beautiful works of art for and with our clients, it’s our goal to help them enjoy life just a little bit more.”

George Shannon - 1439 - Version 2

“We hope that you will be inspired by our products,vision and our passion and talk to us about joining our extensive list of very happy customers from all over the world.”