Making Copies of Patterns

November 15, 2017

Making Copies of Patterns

Making copies of patterns can make projects easier and finish then quicker as well. Most projects can be prepared with 2 or 3 simple pattern copies. We would like to share the different ways of making copies of patterns for the project you are working on.


This is the easiest method of duplicate copies. Digital photocopiers make copies true to the original pattern and most copiers have the ability to enlarge or reduce patterns.


Lay tracing vellum over the pattern and trace the lines of the design. Make more than 1 copy at a time by using carbon sheets. Lay a sheet of paper on the work surface and place a carbon face down overtop. For each additional copy required, add another layer of paper and carbon. Place the project pattern on top and fasten in place with pushpins or tape. Trace the outline of  the pattern, pressing firmly so that the image is transferred through to each layer of paper.


Trace the pattern onto drawing vellum and take it to a blueprinting firm to make exact copies. If a pattern requiring mosaic pieces of a specific size and/ or shape is reduced or enlarged, verify that these pieces fir the pattern before starting the project. Alter the pattern if necessary.

Overhead and Opaque Projectors

Projectors can be used to enlarge pattern designs, but patterns may be distorted and require adjustments. Use this method as a guideline only. When enlarging patterns with pieces that must be a certain size and/ or shape, the pattern will have to be altered accordingly.

Grid Method

Grid work can be used to enlarge, reduce, or change the dimensions of a design. On paper large enough to accommodate the desired size, draw a new grid work with the size of the squares adjusted to fit the new grid. Copy the design from the original grid onto the modified one, square by square.

We hope this helps you choose with method may be best for you project. Contact us if you have any other questions!


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