Common Sealant Questions

September 13, 2017

Sealant Questions

Do I need to seal the surface of base/support structures?

Interior setting: Most mosaics adhered to a 3/4 in exterior grade plywood base/ support structure do not require sealing. To prevent warping of thinner, more porous wood, seal all sides of the base by brushing on a thin coat of wood sealant or a mixture of 50% all purpose white- glue and 50% water. Permanent installations in bathrooms and kitchens are exposed to more moisture and need site specific treatment.

Exterior settings: Outdoor mosaics should be protected from climate variations by sealing all sides of any wood base/support structure with a silicone-based sealant and using compatible water-resistant adhesives and grout. Use thin-set mortar and grout on concrete surfaces.

Terra-cotta and similar porous materials: Seal the interior of unglazed terra-cotta and pottery containers with water-resistant silicone or put soul and plants in a smaller plastic pot and insert into the container. Store the containers in a dry, protected location during freezing temperatures.

Do I need to use a grout sealant?

Use a sealant to protect grout where water-resistance is necessary, such as mosaic tabletops, plant containers, serving trays, etc.

Do I need to sell porous tesserae and mosaic materials?

Apply ceramic tile sealant to the surface of porous materials after cutting and shaping into tesserae and other mosaic shapes. Surfaces of unglazed china and pottery as well as porous substances like marble, limestone, and slate can absorb moisture and expand and may stain or discolour when grouting or handling the project.

Consult tiling or carpentry experts at local hardware stores or home and garden centres for advice if you are unsure if it is required for your project and to receive suitable product information.

We hope this help answer the common questions. Contact us if you have any other questions for us.


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