Stained Glass Work Space

May 11, 2016

Stained Glass Work Space

When working on a Stained Glass project it’s important to have  a well thought out and well prepared work space.


Choose a large enough workspace that will allow you and your project to spread out. A safe and comfortable work area should include:

  • Large table or Workbench with a smooth, level work surface that is set at comfortable working height.
  • Good overhead lighting (natural light if possible).
  • At minimum, one power point with a grounded circuit for a glass grinder and/ or wet saw.
  • Easy-to-clean hard surface floor.
  • Racks or wooden bins with dividers to store sheets of glass. Store smaller pieces in a cardboard box.
  • Good ventilation (window, fan) for when you’re working with adhesives, grouts, and cement.
  • Good supply of newspaper to cover the work surface and to use for cleaning.
  • Dust pan & brush to clear work surface of glass chips and other debris.
  • Access to water for mixing grouts and cements and for cleaning purposes.

NOTE It’s recommended that mixing concrete be done outdoors whenever possible.



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