Stained Glass Tools

May 3, 2016

To assist you in realizing your creative vision we’ll be sharing some stained glass patterns in the coming months that you can try at home!



Before you get started you’ll need some tools and materials. The following is a list of commonly used tools. Most of the tools listed can often be found in your home, or are readily available at your local hardware or art glass supply stores. You wont need all of these tools for all of the patterns and projects we share however it’s a good idea to gather as much of it as you can.


  1. Permanent Waterproof Fine-tipped Marker. – Used for outlining patterns on glass to aid in cutting.
  2. China Marker – Used for marking where ceramic or other porous materials need to be shaped or trimmed.
  3. Drawing Equipment – square, pencil, eraser, cork backed ruler or straightedge, grid paper, tracing paper, carbon paper, marking pen, compass, scissors, light card stock. All of these materials will assist in making patterns, drawing and scoring straight lines, verifying angles and making templates.
  4. Traditional Glass Cutters – A traditional glass cutter is used to accurately score & break individual pieces of glass to fit project patterns.
  5. Glass Mosaic Cutters or Nippers – Used to ‘nip’ shapes from smaller pieces of glass.
  6. Breaking / Grozing Pliers – With narrow flat serrated teeth, Grozing pliers are used to nibble away at unwanted bits of glass to ensure it fits into the pattern.
  7. Running Pliers – Used to score and break glass into multiple strips.
  8. Tile Cutters – Tile nippers, snap cutters, mini cutters and a water cooled wet saw are all used for different tile cutting projects.
  9. Carborundum Stone – Used to file the sharp edges off tesserae.
  10. Diamond Pads – These foam pads will remove sharp edges along the perimeter of tesserae.
  11. Wet & Dry Sand Paper
  12. Glass Grinder & Band Saw – Used with a diamond coated blades and bits, these tools will help to cut intricate shapes and smooth uneven edges with ease.
  13. Small containers or jars – Used to keep small pieces of tesserae organized.
  14. Mixers & Mixing containers – Used to mix cements and grouts.
  15. Tweezers & Dental Tools – Used to position small pieces of glass or tesserae in a pattern.
  16. Wire Cutters – Used to cut reinforcement wire.
  17. Trowel & Palette Knife – Used to spread adhesives evenly.
  18. Sponges – Used in the grouting process.
  19. Small Craft Brushes – Used to apply adhesives.
  20. Utility Knife, Razor Blades & Paint Scrapers – Used to clean and cut materials throughout the process.
  21. Polishing Cloth – Used to buff and polish the finished piece.
  22. Newspaper – Used to protect your work surface.


In our next post we’ll talk a little about setting up your work area in the most efficient and comfortable manner.

If you have started a stained glass or mosaic project already and would like some tips or advice please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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