Transfer Patterns Onto Glass

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February 15, 2018
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Transfer Patterns Onto Glass

Transfer Patterns Onto Glass

How Do I Transfer Patterns Onto Glass?

In this post we’re going to talk about the best and most effective ways to transfer patterns onto glass. For accurate glass cutting draw the outline of the piece to be cut directly onto the glass with a permanent waterproof fine-tipped marker. Try to position the pattern piece on the glass sheet to avoid excessive waste when cutting. Take into account the grain or texture of the glass piece and the flow it will create with the other glass pieces around it. Leave approximately 1/4 in (0.6 cm) around the piece so the breaking pliers will have some material to grasp when breaking the score line.

Opalescent Glass

For many translucent and light coloured glasses, the pattern can be transferred by placing the sheet of glass directly on the pattern copy and tracing the design lines with the marker. A light box will help illuminate the pattern from below, but it is not essential.

Opaque Glass

For opaque glass, the pattern can be transferred onto glass using one of three methods.

1) Using an extra copy of the pattern, cut out the required pattern piece. Place the pattern piece on the glass and trace around the outside edges with a marker.

2) Make a template from card stock or lightweight cardboard of the pieces to be cut (using the tracing method) and trace around the template perimeter with the marker, onto the glass. This method is preferable when making several projects using the same pattern.

Note: When cutting out a piece from the pattern copy or making a cardboard template, be sure to cut on the inside of the pattern lines so that the glass piece does not become larger than the pattern once it has been traced and cut.

3) Place a carbon sheet face down on the glass with the pattern on top. By pressing firmly on the lines with a pen or pencil, the pattern will be transferred onto the glass. Go over the carbon lines with the marker.

Contact us if you need some help learning how to transfer patterns onto glass, we’d be glad to help. Happy transferring!