Make your own stained glass art

January 25, 2017

Creating your own stained glass masterpiece isn’t very difficult.

Provided you have the right tools, a good work space and have no problem following a pattern, almost anyone can create their own glass art.

The pattern and guide below should help you refine your techniques and provide you with the skills to try more difficult projects later on.




A. 5-1/2in x 7 1/2in lilac wispy  –  B. 3in x 5in grape cathedral  –  C. 3in x 4in clear textured  –  D. 2 – 1in x 2in clear rectangular bevels  –  E. 2 – 1in x 6in clear rectangular bevels

This quantity of glass is the exact amount needed for the pattern. You may wish to purchase additional glass.


2 copies of pattern


Wood board

Wood trim

Masking tape

Silver backed copper foil

Safety flux

60/40 solder

1/8in single channel

U shaped zinc came

18 to 20 gauge tinned copper wire

Neutralizing solution

Wax or finishing compound

Monofilament line



Safety glasses

knife or scissors

waterproof marker

Cork back straight edge

Glass cutter

Running pliers

Breaking pliers

Hammer and nails

Glass grinder



Soldering iron

Fibre sponge

Cotton swabs

Side cutters

Small square


Cup hook screws


  1. 1. Make two copies of the pattern below (Use one as a guide for cutting and breaking the glass pieces and the other for fitting and soldering the panel together.
  2. 2. Using the marker, trace each pattern piece on the glass to be cut.
  3. 3. Cut each piece of glass required making sure to cut inside the marker line. Use the cork backed straight edge to help score straight lines.
  4. 4. Mak a jig (frame) to help fit the pieces together accurately.
  5. 5. Grind each piece of glass as required to fit the pattern. Leave enough space between each piece so that the line is visible. Rince and clean each piece to remove any grinding residue.
  6. 6. Check the pre cut bevels fit the pattern and grind if required.
  7. 7. Choose the width of copper foil appropriate for the thickness of the glass. Wrap each glass piece with the copper foil, crimp and burnish down the edges with the doweling.




8. Arrange foiled pieces on the pattern in the jig and tack solder the pieces together.

9. Tin all exposed copper foil on the interior seams. Solder no closer than 1/4 in to the outside edge. Space must be left around the border to allow for ease of fitting the zinc border.

10. Bead solder the seams of the panel

11. Turn the panel over and repeat steps 9 and 10.




  1. 12. Using a pair of side cutters cut a length of zinc came for each side of the panel. Use the pattern as a guide for the length. Cut each piece at 45* angle. 
  2. 13. Fit the zinc onto the edges of the panel. If the glass is thicker than the channel, use a lathekin to make it wider. Use masking tape to hold the zinc in place until it is soldered.
  3. 14. Solder the zinc in place at each point it meets a solder seam on the panel and at each point of the four corners. Repeat on opposite side of panel.
  4. 15. To make hanging loops for the panel wrap the tinned wire around a small cylindrical object (pencil or doweling) several times to form a coil. Slide if off and cut the loops off the coil.
  5. 16. Place loops so the panel will hang properly and safely. Attach and solder.
  6. 17. Clean the panel.
  7. 18. Apply finishing compound or wax
  8. 19. Use monofilament line (fishing line) to hang the panel.




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